Head soccer is a football game with sports themes. You can choose one of the four football characters, then challenge your opponent and use the skills you can to start a tense and exciting football match.

Head soccer game operation

In Head soccer, you move in the direction of the arena through the four keys W, A, S and D. The letter Q can help you control the ball and let the ball hit the target successfully under your operation, thus winning the game.

Head soccer game content

You can choose the person you want to play in the Head soccer, and then control the football, avoid the pursuit of the open place, and successfully use the skills to reach the destination under cover of the teammates to obtain the success of the game when the competition officially starts.

Head soccer’s game features

In Head soccer, you can have three skills to assist you in scoring goals, allowing your game character to move faster while protecting the ball. Or freeze the opponent;  Players expand, and these skills will be acquiring in the arena. Moreover, if you can throw out places your opponent cannot, then you will get more rewards.